Venza’s business strategy considers collaboration with academic spin-offs working in fields of waste valorization, polluted soils remediation and landfill requalification. The partnership with university institutions provide a continuous update about research evolution and technologies innovation, essential to offer the best solutions achievable in the market.


Venza, looking for further business opportunities, supports growth of startups with innovative projects that seem have chance of development in the markets of waste and water treatment and valorization and of renewable energy sources. The launch of these entities needs at first a monetary aid, reachable by access to a network of private investors and other financial instruments as crowdfunding or European funds for new technologies (Horizon 2020). To startups, that for their intrinsic character of emergent realities haven’t yet a broad sight of market’s mode of operation, are then transferred technical and business information. Once verified tangible potentialities of a startup, the aim is to guide its evolution in small or medium enterprise.


Understanding of dynamics of contemporary market pushes to creation of collaboration relationships between small and medium enterprises operating in different fields of environmental sector: integration of several competences permits indeed to propose complete solutions. Venza pursues this objective by takeover of minority or majority shares of these enterprises, output of market’s analysis aimed to identification of operators and to evaluation of respective company profiles. Due diligence, during that are examined financial, patrimonial and technological aspects and strategic skills of a company, is conducted from specialists of accounting firms with speed and strict confidence. For negotiation process has been defined a standard procedure, in which particular attention is paid to stipulation of agreements, that have to forecast benefits for different shareholders. Holding guarantees management continuity of acquired companies, making available high qualified professionals in support of human resources already employed in subsidiaries and associates. Interested companies are invited to write to address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


When the size of a small or medium enterprise doesn’t permit to face new development opportunities, is considered the intervention of venture capital firms interested in increase of its asset to endorse the transition to more organized company. Venza offers its experience for technical, commercial and industrial company management, essential to capitalise the financial knowledges and resources of investment funds. If the procedure is successful, companies can be jointed with other investors or multinationals.