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Water and Energy Efficiency

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Venza designs highly efficient technologies for each water cycle

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Technical-economic solutions suitable for every need

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We help your company save on corporate water cycle costs

With a portfolio of over 2.000 customers, Venza experts help customers in business management improvement by energy and water efficiency of working cycles.

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Customized and optimized solutions to meet every need in the field of water and energy efficiency of production processes.

Consumptions analysis
High water consumptions industrial cycles
Contracts analysis
Resources recovery and purchase price reduction
  • Water purchase price reduction
  • Load curves analysis
  • Invoices and rates control
  • Sewerage services guarantees management
Consumptions monitoring
Water cycle analysis and efficiency
  • Monitoring and definition of company water cycle
  • Audit based on ISO 46001 + ISO 14046(Water efficiency management systems)
  • Evaluation of water efficiency interventions
  • Support for access to benefits
  • 4.0 Transition R&D projects
Water efficiency solutions
Design, installation and management of high water efficiency technologies
  • Water use reduction
  • Water discharge reduction
  • Water recovery
  • Process and product innovation
  • Integration in exiting plants
  • Integration with thermal and electrical efficiency
Recycling solutions
Treatment and reuse of water in working processes
  • UF, NF, RO, EDI
  • Ion exchange
  • Evaporation
  • Dessiccation
  • Physico-chemical
  • Biological
  • UASB
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