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BiFiPro. An innovative technology for Legionella prevention

BiFiPro. An innovative technology for Legionella prevention

To avoid this phenomenon VENZA proposes the BiFiPro (Biofilm Protector) technology, that develops Legionella prevention through an ionization process with copper and silver, without addition of chemicals.

The treatment efficiency is guaranteed by synergy in dosage of copper and silver ions (inside the limits fixed by drinking water directive), representing originality of this application. The copper action determines indeed detachment of bacterial coat from pipelines; its cells are then attacked by silver, that separates microorganisms DNA, preventing their replication.

This system – advisable above all for hotels, spa, sport and medical centers – is advantageous especially in comparison to traditional chlorination, that, in addition to damaging pipes, alters the quality of water. The plant, provided of a programmable logic controller (PLC), is remotely monitorable, also by mobile phone.

Reduction of water consumptions and lowering of hydric ducts maintenance costs facilitate return on investment.

The several cases of infections caused by Legionella pneumophila bacterium in the last years in different Italian regions showed as lacking of problem’s knowledge and prevention instruments could have very heavy consequences.

Legionnaires’ disease, responsible of serious pathologies of respiratory tract, that sometimes can be even lethal, is contracted by aspiration of contaminated droplets, spread out mainly from conditioners and water systems. Bacterium that provokes it, indeed, proliferates in stagnant water and in obsolete pipes, in particular in presence of scalings, that favour biofilm creation.

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