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Vasca di trattamento biologico dell'acqua_venza

Biological treatments

Innovative technologies for pollutants oxidation


Biological treatments of waters exploit the activity of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for removal of organic compounds, nitrogen and phosphorus.

What about applications?

Between the more efficient biological treatments plants there are the activated sludge ones, composed of an oxidation tank, where takes place aerobic digestion of carbon, and a final settling tank, in that clarified effluent is separated from sludge.

In case of wastewater with a high nitrogen content, as digestate from agricultural biomass and zoo-technical sewage, continuous or discontinuous flow nitrification and denitrification processes are advisable.

In this field, moreover, have developed innovative technologies allowing an optimization of spaces, as MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor), upgrading the output of biological process thanks to a combination of oxidation treatment with membrane reverse osmosis filtration, also inserted into biological tank, and MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor), increasing activated sludge concentration thanks to input of plastic or metallic supports (carriers) with a high specific surface favouring biomass adhesion.