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Impianto BiFiPro ionizzazione con rame e argento_venza

Ionization with copper and silver

Legionella disease prevention


The group is distributor of exclusive BiFiPro (Bio-Film Protector) technology, an ionization system able to remove from hydraulic piping the Legionella pneumophila bacteria, responsible of serious pathologies of respiratory tract.

What about applications?

The efficiency of ionization with copper and silver is given by synergy in dosage of copper and silver ions (inside the limits fixed from drinking water directive), representing originality of this application.

The copper action determines indeed detachment of bacterial coat from pipelines; its cells are then attacked by silver, that separates microorganisms DNA, preventing their replication. This process is advantageous especially in comparison to traditional chlorination, that, in addition to damaging pipes, alters the quality of water.