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Low power consumption evaporators for recovery of oil emulsions

Low power consumption evaporators for recovery of oil emulsions

Oil emulsions

Oil emulsions employed in production processes of mechanical industry contain high percentages of pollutants, as oils, surfactants and antifermentatives. The most effective and profitable technology for their treatment is under vacuum evaporation. Venza can offer a range of under vacuum evaporators in stainless steel AISI 316L or DUPLEX, highly resistant to corrosive action of these wastewaters.

The process of oil emulsions treatment starts in a storage tank, where oil separates from liquid fraction by gravity.

Oil risen in surface is automatically extracted and sent to a reservoir.

The liquid fraction is aspirated from evaporator, able to obtain until 5-10% of concentrate and 90-95% of distilled water. Concentrate, containing pollutant substances, has to be disposed as waste, whereas the treated water can be reemployed for the production of new emulsion.

Installation of plants is preceded from feasibility studies that evaluate environmental and economic benefits obtainable from treatment. Under vacuum technology, lowering boiling point until to 20 °C, guarantees energy efficiency of process. Total recovery of process water and diminution of amount of liquid waste to dispose reduce the operating costs of this plant, allowing a rapid return on investment.

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